Antique Little Owl print c.1789

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Antique Little Owl print c.1789 / NOCTUA MINOR AUCUPARIA

A magnificent mid-to late 18th century copper engraving of the sea gull, Larus minor cinereus, Mas. in old colour drawn by the famous Dutch artist Christian Sepp and published by Cornelius Nozeman (1721-1786) in Nederlandischen Vogelen in Amsterdam in 1789. Nozeman was a minister of the Dutch Remonstrant church and an ornithologist who provide the inspiration for the finest Dutch work on ornithology and one of the greatest of all time. The work was a unique collaboration of two Dutch masters and a project of huge scope and ambition, taking over 60 years to complete. The renowned engraver and artist Christiaan Sepp drew the illustrations and Cornelius Nozeman wrote the text for the first two volumes. After the deaths of Nozeman and Sepp, volumes 3 and 4 were published in 1797 and 1829, respectively. All four volumes published by Jan Sepp, the son of Christian Sepp in 1829.

Very good condition with strong plate mark, thick paper and wide margins; measures 278 x 420 mm.

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