Antique Print Batavia by Deeleman (1860)

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Antique Print Batavia by Deeleman titled ‘BATAVIA. – Woning van z. exc. den generaal van het leger. – Hotel de s. exc. le general’.

Extremely rare hand-coloured lithographic plate of the generals house in Batavia, published in 1860 after drawings by CHARLES THEODORE DEELEMAN (1823-1884). RARE AND IMPORTANT VIEW OF BATAVIA ( Basting Brommer page 39-39 )

From an important plate work depicting verious views of Batavia under the title “Bataviaasch Album”. The work which was published by G. Kolff & Co., Batavia, contains ten tinted lithograhs after drawings by Charles Theodore Deeleman, a Water Board engineer, who lived for almost forty years in Indonesia where he became a housenold name because of his invention of a two-wheeled buggy known as the Deeleman’s car.

The plates were published without explanatory text, each plate bearing a simple legend in French and Dutch. The work does not have a title page, but the plates were issued in a blue paper envelope with a lithograph title “Bataviaasch Album” Verzameling van een Tiental Gezigten van de Hoofdstad van Nederlandsch Indie. The plates being printed by the Leiden firm of P.W.M. Trap.

The work was published at 12 gulden or at 60 gulden for plates moutned in gilded glass frames. The work was supposed to be available for sale only by booksellers in Indonesia, and not in the Netherlands, but copies could be send to subscribers in the Netherlands at an additional charge of 3 gulden. Complete sets are nowadays very rare. ( Basting Brommer page 39-39 )

Year: 1860
Condition:Very good.
Technique: Lithographic plate.
Purchase Code: P2381

11.500.000 IDR

700,00 Euro
825,00 USD

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Product Enquiry

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