City of Batavia in ~ 1629

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BATAVIA l’An 1629.

A small early 18th century oblique black and white French plan of Batavia as it was in 1629 by Bartholome Juan Leonardo y Argensola (1562 – 1631), Spanish poet and historian and published by Jacques Desbordes in Histoire de la conquete des isles Moluques par les Espangnols, par les Portugais, & par les Hollandois in Amsterdam in 1706 (Brommer, BAT K06, p.29). The Conquest of the Moluccas, Madrid, Alonso Martin, 1609. 409 pp. was the most famous historical work of this author abroad. Translated into French (Histoire des isles of conquête Moluques par espagnols them, par les portugais et par les hollandois), and published in Amsterdam by Jacques Desbordes, in 3 volumes in 1706.); An English translation by John Stevens, “The discovery and conquest of the Philippine Islands and Molucco” in A new collection of voyages and travels, was published in London in 1708 in one volume by J. Knapton, with a reissue in 1711 and a German edition ( Beschreibung der Molukischen Insuln) in Frankfurt, M. Rohrlach, 1710, and Continuation der Beschreibung der Molukischen Insuln, 1711, reprinted in 1781).

Very good condition
Measures 134 x 161 mm.
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Price: On request.

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