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Original 1914 poster:  The Colonial Tentoonstelling Semarang 1914 JAVA .(COLONIAL EXHIBITION)

This exhibition in 1914 was the biggest art event ever held in Indonesia and even included as one of the 10 World Expo’s ( World Fair).

Ink on paper poster advertising the colonial exhibition in Semarang (Dutch East Indies); image depicts a Javanese bride wearing traditional costume seated under an elaborate archway set against stylised yellow palm trees in the background.

Artist; Albert (Pieter) Hahn Sr. Designer; Amsterdamsche Boek & Steendrukkerij v/h Ellerman, Harms & Co Publisher Hoofdbestuur der Vereenigde Koloniale Tentoonstelling Semara Other relation.

Condition: Colours more bright as in the image shown, contact us for more images. Condition; poster has been torn, professionally restored. Measures: 109.2 x 81 cm.

Purchase code: P1372

Price on request.

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Product Enquiry

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