Etruscan Genucilia Patera (footed shallow bowl/plate) circa 360 BC

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Product Description

An Etruscan terracotta Patera from circa 370 to 350 B.C. Small plates of this type are characteristic of local production influenced by Greek mainland styles. The Genucilia Group comprises a group of plates produced in Etruria (modern day central Italy) in the 4th century B.C. Mainly manufactured by workshops of Ionic potters who settled in Vulci. The patera itself is a shallow footed bowl used to make offerings, which continued to be used by the Romans after the fall of Etruscan society.

Shallow bowl/plate decorated with a four point star on the floor and dots in the interstices..  The narrow bulged rim enhanced with five spiral waves.

14 cm in diameter x 5 cm height

The name derives from a lady named Poplia Genucilia who was the owner of a similar plate that was inscribed with her name.

Intact and in good condition with a couple of minor chips.

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