Spice Islands, North Moluccas, c.1640

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Spice Islands, North Moluccas, c.1640


An attractive map of the clove producing Islands (Spice Islands) of the North Moluccas and the west coast of Gilolo Islands, present day Halmahera.Probably the best known 17th century antique map of the clove producing North Molucca islands of Ternare, Tidore, Machian,Bachian, Motir and Potterbackers by the great Dutch cartographer William Blaeu published in his Atlantic Appendix in Amsterdam in 1630. Jan Jansson produced a very similar map in 1633 but without the inset of Bachian Island.

Attractive colour, 37 x 48.3 cm, (plate).

Purchase code: M1623/ABSS

Price: 1250 USD.


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