Van Stockum’s Travellers’ Handbook for the Dutch East Indies – SOLD

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Van Stockum’s Travellers’ Handbook for the Dutch East Indies.

Unique English travel guide to the Dutch East Indies, published in 1930 in Holland. In this rare guide are 150 contents on: How to reach the East Indies, Climate, Flora and Fauna, Population and many more subjects. The areas described are Java, Madura, Sumatra, Lombok and Bali.

A total of 33 maps and plans (5 folding maps in pocket) and 12 illustrations. A very interesting inside in how traveling the Indonesian archipelago was in the year 1930, described in 613 pages, bound in flexible red cloth.

Publisher: S.A. Reitsma
Publication Date: 1930
Book Condition: Very good
Purchase Code: B2011


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