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Welcome to Bartele Gallery’s online store of unique maps and prints. Our inventory includes over 50,000 authentic antique maps, prints, sea charts, and books. A significant Asia-focused portion of our constantly growing and changing inventory  is available here in our online gallery.

With physical stores in Indonesia and the Netherlands and multiple online sales channels, our scope is worldwide and in all price ranges. Our large selection of antique maps covers America, the West Indies, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Europe, Australia, Oceania, the Pacific and maps of the World. We also offer many town plans and views from all over the world. Our collection of antique prints includes many fields of interest including bird prints, flower prints, architecture prints, costume prints, portraits and many others.

Whether you are an interior decorator, an institution, an experienced collector, or just looking for a single print, we are always happy to assist you, online or in person at our Store. Buying is easy: Order directly through our website and we will ensure fast and reliable worldwide delivery. If you need help or have a question, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone or by e-mail info@maps-prints.com.

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  • Take her Home to England? Not THIS Time!
    Royal Charles was an 1,229 tons, 80-gun ship of the English Navy, built in 1655. In 1660 she sailed to Scheveningen (Holland) to bring King Charles II back to England.  She took part in the 2nd Anglo-Dutch War. In 1665, she fought in the Battle of Lowestoft and
  • Redneck Boomers get the Girls
    The greater prairie chicken or pinnated grouse (Tympanuchus cupido), sometimes called a boomer, is a large bird in the grouse family. This North American species was once abundant, but has become extremely rare. One of
  • Vintage Fun and Games
    KNOCKING OFF GOOSE HEADS and other children’s games Children’s games and humor were popular themes on the so called catchpenny prints or ‘centsprenten’ in Dutch. They have also been called children’s prints, ‘oortjes’ prints (in Dutch

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