Antique Map of the Moluccas by Le Rouge (1748)

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Antique map of the Moluccas titled ‘Isles Moluques’. Detailed map of the famous Spice Islands (Maluku Islands or the Moluccas).

Also includes Sulawesi, Bali, Timor, part of Borneo, New-Guinea with unfinished coast line, and a bit of the northern coastline of Australia, labeled Terre du Sud. This map originates from ‘Atlas Nouveau Portatif à l’usage des militaires et du voyageur’.

Georges-Louis Le Rouge (circa 17121 – c. 1790) was a cartographer, engraver and architect of King Louis XV, author of atlases, maps, battle plans and strongholds.

Condition: Good, please study image carefully.
Overall size: 41 x 34 cm (including passe-partout)
Image size: 28.5 x 17.5 cm.

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