Antique Plan of Batavia by De Fer (c.1695)



Description: Antique print titled ‘Plan de Batavia’. Plan of Batavia, Jakarta, Indonesia. Oriented with north to the lower right by a simple compass rose. French title and key cartouche in drape form.


Artists and Engravers: Nicolas de Fer (1646 – 25 October 1720) was a French cartographer and geographer. He also was an engraver and publisher. His works focused more on quantity than quality, there were often geographical errors, and they were more artistic than accurate.

  • Date: c.1695
  • Overall size: 32.5 x 22 cm. (with passepartout)
  • Image size: 29 x 16 cm.
  • Condition: Good, age-related toning. Minor wear, blank verso. Please study image carefully.
  • Purchase code: M1689
  • Price in IDR : 4,850,000