Antique Print of an Arab on Java by Hardouin (c.1873)

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Een Arabier Op Java ( Ernest Hardouin ) Lithograph c.1873

Artist: Ernest Hardouin

Published in: W.L. Ritter’s Java, Tooneelen uit het Leven, Karakterschetsen en Kleederdragten van Java’s Bewoners ( Java’s residents, their peculiar characters and their clothing )

Ernest Hardouin arrived in Batavia on 20 September 1842 as a decor designer with a French theatrical troupe. In Batavia he made numerous sketches and drawings of Batavia and its inhabitants. In 1846 he applied to the Government for permission to travel in central Java in connection with his interest in art and painting, he was given permission to go only as far as Semarang, which he had already visited briefly in the previous year. Some of the plates after his drawings suggest that he may have travelled in west Java and the Priangan, and also, judging by some plates, possibly in South Sumatra as well. Hardouin apparently died in poverty in January 1854, his belongings being taken over by the Court of Chancery at Batavia.

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