Antique Print of Batavia by Schouten (1775)



Antique print of Batavia by Schouten titled ‘De Stadt Batavia’. Old print of the city of Batavia, present day Jakarta, Indonesia. Originates from Wouter Schouten’s ‘Reys-Togten naar en door Oost-Indien (..)’.

Wouter Schouten (1638-1704) joined the Dutch VOC as a surgeon on an adventureous expedition to the East Indies during the years 1658-1665. In 1660 he was present at the Dutch siege of Makassar (in Sulawesi) and he participated in the campaigns of Rucklof van Goens along the Malabar coast. He also visited Bengal, Arakan, Colombo, Sumatra, the Moluccas, and Ambonia.

Condition: Very good, please study image carefully.
Overall size: 54.5 x 34 cm (including passe-partout)
Image size: 45 x 24 cm.

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6.000.000,00 IDR  incl.passepartout
375,00 Euro  incl.passepartout
420,00 USD  incl.passepartout

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