Antique Print of Batavia’s Harbour – Tirion (c.1733)



A historical print depicting the city of Batavia (present-day Jakarta during the Dutch colonial period).

The view is from the sea, looking towards the city. The skyline is dominated by European-style buildings, indicative of colonial architecture, with a mountain range in the background. In the foreground, various sailing ships, representative of the 17th-century naval technology, dominate the harbour. Some are anchored, while others are under sail, with a few small boats scattered between them. The sea is rendered with careful lines to suggest waves, and the sky is filled with clouds, possibly suggesting a bustling port city with a dynamic maritime culture.

The text “Guiseppe Filosi Sculp. Vin.” indicates the artist who engraved the print (Guiseppe Filosi) and may suggest a place associated with the artist or the creation of the print (possibly Venice, abbreviated as “Vin.”). The presence of such text usually indicates the printmaker’s signature and is common in historical prints.

More research needed. Possibly published by Tirion on the early 18th century.

Condition : Good. Visible central vertical folds, which is common in old maps that were originally bound in books. Later hand-coloring. Tight margin on the top, but image is intact.

Measures : 180 mm x 310 mm

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