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Antique World Map by G. Delisle (c.1724) – SOLD

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Antique world map by G. Delisle titled ‘Mappe Monde a l’usage du Roy par Guillaume Delisle Premier Geographe de S.M.’. Beautiful hand-coloured double hemisphere antique world map, with an elaborate title cartouche containing a crown surrounded by four allegorical figures representing the four continents. The allegorical figures portay Europe  as a land of abundance while Africa is depicted by a lion, Asia the seat of Religion carries a smoking censer, while America is depicted as a robed female with child.

Guillaume Delisle (1675-1726),  was one of the key figures in the development of French cartography who believed passionately in the importance of accuracy. During his lifetime, his maps were constantly updated to reflect widening knowledge of the world. This twin-hemispheric map, engraved by J. (Johannes) Condet (1711-1781) was first produced by Guillaume Delisle (1675-1726) in 1724 in his Atlas Nouveau. This particular map is from a re-issue of Delilse’s Atlas Nouveau in 1730 by the prolific Amsterdam map printers and publishers Covens and Mortier (fl. 1721-74). The map shows the routes of a number of the world’s major explorers: Magellan (1520), Le Maire (1615), St. Louis (1708), Halley (1700), Mendana (1595), St. Antoine (1710), Tasman (1642) and Quiroz (1605).

Artist: G. Delisle
Year: c.1724
Purchase Code: M1408


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