View of the Pearl Bastion of Castle Batavia – Habermann (c.1780)



Antique print titled ‘Prospect von der Bastion Perl langst der Courtine des Castells Batavia / Vue de la Bastion Perl de Batavie.

 View of the Parel Bastion (Pearl Bastion) of Castle Batavia, present-day Djakarta, Indonesia.

This is an optical print, also called ‘vue optique‘ or ‘vue d’optique‘, which were made to be viewed through a Zograscope, or other devices of convex lens and mirrors, all of which produced an optical illusion of depth. 

Artists and engravers : Francois Xavier Habermann (1721-1796), German engraver. Published at: Negoce comun de l’Academie Imperiale d’Empire des Arts libereaux.

Fair condition; measures with frame 700 x 580 mm.

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Incl. frame