Antique Book ‘Africa und Ost-Indien’ by J.W. Heydt (1744) – SOLD

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Africa und Ost-Indien ~ Johann Wolfgang Heydt
Title: Allerneuester Geographisch, und Topographischer Schau-Platz von Africa und Ost-Indien

Published in Nurnberg, Germany, in 1744, “neuester Geographisch- und Topographischer Schau-Platz von Africa und Ost-Indien” was the first by Johann Wolfgang Heydt, the German draughtsman who produced the engravings while he lived in Batavia. Heydt was a precise draughtsman and surveyor. There is a painting every two to three pages, enriched with important information. In the book, on the orders of governor-general Adriaan Valcknier of the Dutch East India Company, Heydt produced 41 engravings of various places in and around the old city of Batavia, now called Kota Tua (Jakarta). Heydt also made other drawings, which he published together with accurate descriptions after his return to Germany.

Measures: Each page: 330 x 380 mm.
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