Special Projects

From time to time we develop Special Projects about History of Maps and Prints, highlighting events, regions, cities, culture or people that we find especially interesting or intriguing and of which we have several items in our collections.

Bali History and Culture

The Island of the Gods has a long and interesting history and culture. In this project, we dive into this and show associated Maps and Prints.

The Mapping of the Island of Java

The Island of Java has been the center of Indonesian culture and Government for centuries but very little was done in terms of mapping until the 1600’s. This project reviews the process and history.

The Spice Islands – Treasure Chest of Holland

Famously exchanged for the island of Manhattan in the 1600’s, the Spice Islands were the basis for the wealth of Holland in the Golden Age. Learn more about this history in the Project.

Kleynenberg & Co Photography

Kleyenberg & Co.of Haarlem, NL, was a prolific and accomplished publisher in the early 1900’s. Their photographs, often used for educational purposes, provide incredible insight in the Indonesia of the time. We have 100’s of their images in our collection.

The Historic “Itinerario”

The historic Itinerario book and the maps it includes are the Crown Jewel and pride of our Collection. The item is quite famous in the Antique Book world and ours has a well-documented history and includes very unique maps.

Special Projects and History of Maps and Prints

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