Antique Map Java by Chatelain (1719)

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The much sought-after large-scale map of Java in excellent modern colour by the 18th century French cartographer Abraham Chatelain (1684-1743) published in Volume V of the Atlas Historique in 1719. The map, modelled on Hadrien Reland’s earlier map that was also the source for Gerard van Keulen’s chart of Java published in 1728, was printed as two separate sheets labelled west (Occidentale) and east (Orientale) that are generally joined to make a complete map of the island. The map contains extensive notes on the history and geography of Java that are included within the borders of the map and along the margins. The map is in excellent condition; measures 358 x 800 mm within map boundary.

Artist: H. Chatelain
Year: 1719
Purchase Code: M1801

45.000.000 IDR in frame

2.725,00 Euro in frame
3.150,00 USD in frame

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Product Enquiry

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