Antique Print Batavia by Tirion (1739)


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Antique print Batavia by Tirion titled ‘Batavia’. Attractive and rare view of the city and the castle of Batavia (Jakarta) seen from the sea. Originates from ‘Hedendaagsche Historie, of tegenwoordige staat van alle volkeren … II deel …’, published by Isaak Tirion, Amsterdam, 1739 ed. (originally published 1730). This is in fact an amended Dutch edition of: ‘Modern History: or the Present State of all Nations.’, published by Thomas Salmon since 1725. German, Italian and Dutch editions were published as well.

Artist: I. Tirion
Year: 1739

Dimensions: 298 x 178 mm.
Condition: Very good.
Technique: Copperplate engraving.
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