Antique Photo of Van Nelle’s Tabak at Semarang (c.1930)



Antique Photo of Van Nelle’s Tabak in Semarang (c.1930). A black and white photo portrait of 3 Dutch man and a local Java man in front of Van Nelle’s Tobacco store at Semarang, West Java.

In 1678, Sunan Amangkurat II promised to give control of Semarang to the Dutch East India Company (VOC) as a part of a debt payment. In 1682, the Semarang state was founded by the Dutch colonial power. On 5 October 1705 after years of occupations, Semarang officially became a VOC city when Susuhunan Pakubuwono I made a deal to give extensive trade rights to the VOC in exchange of wiping out Mataram’s debt. The VOC, and later, the Dutch East Indies government, established tobacco plantations in the region and built roads and railroads, making Semarang an important colonial trading centre.

Condition: Fair, please study image carefully.
Overall size: 36 x 42 cm (including passe-partout)
Image size: 22,5 x 28 cm.

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4.700.000,00 IDR   incl.passepartout

295,00 Euro  incl.passepartout
330,00 USD incl.passepartout

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