Antique Print of Indonesian and Chinese People by Gilbert (c.1873)


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Antique print of Indonesian and Chinese People titled ‘INDO – CHINE SEPTENTRIONALE / TYPES DU LAOS BIRMAN ET DU YUN – NAN’. 

A late 19th century lithograph showing the finely drawn and engraved faces of men and women from Laos, Burma and Yunnan drawn by Lieutenant Louis Delaporte, lithographed by Gilbert, printed by Lemercier et Cie, Paris and published in Voyage d’exploration en Indo-Chine effectue  par une commission francaise preside par la capitaine de frigate doudart de lagree de garner francis (Exploration trip in Indochina made by a French Commission headed by Commander of the frigate Doudart Lagree) and first published by Librairie Hachette et Cie in 1873, with subsequent editions in the 1880s. After participating in the 1860 China campaign with Charnier, Admiral Francis Garnier joined the frigate Doudart de Lagree as second-in-command and took over command on the death of Charnier.. The expedition passed through Angkor, Laos, Burma, Tonkin and Yunnan.

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