De Reede van Padang – Lauters (c.1845)


An antique hand-coloured print of a scene from the riverside in Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia in the 19th century.

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Antique print titled ‘SUMATRA – De Reede van Padang /  La Rade de Padang’.

A scene of a sailing ships on the river with a row of labourers on a small boat in Padang, the capital city of West Sumatra, Indonesia. This print originates from ‘Gezigten uit Neerlands Indie, naar de natuur geteekend en beschreven‘, a very beautiful and luxurious illustrated work on Indonesia.

Engraved by Belgian illustrators, Paul Lauters (1806-1875) after the drawings of C.W.M. van de Velde (1818-1898). Published by F. Buffa en Zonen, in Amsterdam.

Condition : Good, only small tears on the side

Measures : 520 mm x 340 mm

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