Harmonie Society Building – Lauters (C.1845)


A original hand-coloured antique prints of Harmonie Society building in Batavia by Paul Lauters, circa 1845


An antique print titled ‘JAVA. Het Societeits – Gebouw de Harmonie / L’ Hotel de la Societe L’Harmonie

Showing a view of the Harmony Society Building (Dutch: Societeit de Harmonie), an elite social club in Batavia, Dutch East Indies. It was the oldest clubhouse in Asia when it was demolished. Activities at the club included cards and billiards. Indigenous people were excluded from the club. The construction of the group’s building included the former bricks of the wall of Old Batavia. It was demolished for road widening and parking area in 1985.

Originates from ‘Gezigten uit Neerlands Indie, naar de natuur geteekend en beschreven.’, Engraved by Belgian illustrators, Paul Lauters (1806-1875) after the drawings of C.W.M. van de Velde (1818-1898). Published in Amsterdam, by Frans Buffa en Zonen (1844-1845).

Condition : Very good

Measures : 440 mm x 320 mm

Purchase code : BG-02885