Antique Print of the Siege of Batavia by Van Schley (1753)



Antique Print of the Siege of Batavia titled ‘Batavia Assiegé en 1629 / Batavia Ao: 1629 belegerd’. Bird’s eye view map of the siege of Batavia in 1629. In 1628 and 1629, the sultan of the Materam people attempted to lay seige to the settlement of Batavia, failing both times. This mprint marks the event, although the seige is not depicted.

Jakob van der Schley (Amsterdam 1715-1779) was a Dutch draughtsman and engraver. He studied under Bernard Picart and became heavily influenced by his style.

Condition: Very good, please study image carefully.
Overall size: 38 x 30.5 cm (including passe-partout)
Image size: 27 x 20 cm.

Purchase code : M1690

4.800.000,00 IDR  incl.passepartout
300,00 Euro  incl.passepartout
335,00 USD  incl.passepartout

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