Route to Tondano – Sainson (c.1840)

An antique hand-coloured print shows a road to Tondano, a capital of Minahasa Regency, in Sulawesi, Indonesia by Louis Auguste de Sainson.

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Antique print titled ‘Route de Tondano’

A Chine-collé aquatint print shows a scene of the road to Tondano, a capital of Minahasa regency in Sulawesi, Indonesia. Originates from ‘Voyage de la corvette l’Astrolabe…sous le commandement de M. Jules Dumont d’Urville…Atlas, vol. 1. Pl. 38. Paris: J. Tastu, 1833’ by French watercolourist and draughtsman, Louis Auguste de Sainson (1800-1874) based on his expedition. He began his lengthy naval career in a secretarial position in France which enabled him to travel to Australia and create hundreds of drawings and engravings.

Condition : Image good, brown stained on the side

Measures : 530 mm x 360 mm

Purchase code : BG-13453-2