Antique Map Batavia and Surroundings by Van Schley (c.1760)



Antique Map Batavia and Surroundings titled ‘Carte des Environs de Batavia, Kaart van de Buitenstreeken van Batavia’.

Mid-18th century black and white map of Batavia engraved by Jacob van der Schley (1715-1779) and published in A.F. Prévost’s Histoire générales des Voyages in Paris between 1747 and 1775.  The map illustrates the surrounding fields, including the gardens, fortifications and housing. Several small redoubts protect the city from the interior including Ansjol, Jacatra, Noordwyk and Ankee. A large compass rose at the upper right orients the map, and a delicately engraved title cartouche completes the composition.

Very good condition apart from a rough edge where removed from book; measures 197 x 280 mm.

Artist: J. van Schley
Year: c.1760
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