Antique Map of Southeast Asia by Ortelius ‘1587’



Antique map titled ‘Indiae Orientalis Insularumque Adiacientium Typus’. Ortelius includes early European depictions of both Japan and China and is the first to name Formosa (Taiwan). The Philippines and East Indies or Spice Islands are shown based upon Portuguese and Spanish sources, and before their penetration by the Dutch. Japan is shown in kite form, as a large oval island with chains of smaller islands to the north and south. The map also shows parts of the American northwest, including the cities of Quiuira, Cicuie and Tigeux. French text on verso.

Condition: Tape arresting tears top spine and in a couple places on margins, grubbiness and minor time stains. Please study images carefully.

Dimensions:  49 x 39 cm.

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