Antique Print Javanese Dancers by I. Commelin (c.1650)


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Antique Print Javanese Dancers,  dancing to a xylophone made of bamboo from Isaac Commelin’s (1598-1676) Begin ende voortgangh….. (2 volumes) describing voyages made for the Dutch East India Company (VOC) and published by Jan Jansson (Jan. Janz.) in Amsterdam in 1644, 1645 and 1646. A French edition by René Augustin de Renneville (Recueil des Voyages … Des Indes Orientales, Formée dans les Provinces Unies des Pais-Bas) was published in Paris between 1702-1706 and an English edition entitled A Collection of Voyages Undertaken by the Dutch East India Company ….. by W. Freeman in London in 1703. 

Fair condition; some browning in the bottom margin and cropped close to the right-hand margin;

measures with frame 400 x 330 mm.

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