Kaart van de Buitenstreeken van Batavia – Schley (1770)



Antique map of Batavia titled ‘Kaart van de Buitenstreeken van Batavia – Carte des Environs de Batavia’. Detailed plan of the area around Batavia, including a small area southeast of the town plan which is named Jacarta. Includes notes on the Gardens, roads, rivers and other features around what is now Jakarta.

Jakob van der Schley was a skilled draftsman and engraver who operated out of Amsterdam and had strong ties with the Hague. Van der Schley was known for intricately engraved portraits and frontispieces.

Condition: Very good
Overall size: 18,7 x 15,7 inch (including FRAME)
Image size: 12,2 x 9,2 inch

Purchase code : M1691

6.400.000,00 IDR  incl.frame
438,00 USD  incl.frame

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