Pl.25 Two Dutch VOC ships (..) – Commelin (1646)


An original plate depicting a view at passage in Indonesia.


Description: A. Two Dutch VOC ships. B. A coracora welcoming them. C. War coracora’s. D. An enemies head on a pole. E. Tree with market place. F. The church. G. The Kings court. H. A courts room. I. The house where the Dutch could stay. K. Where the Dutch stored their merchandise. L. Monastery S. Pauli. M. A stone house built by the Portuguese. N. The house of the Kings translator. O. A tower with a metal gun. P. An islands between ternate and Tidore. R. A passage through the reef. S. Play ship. T. Fishing methods. Rare. This attrative plate originates from: ‘Title: Waerachtigh verhael van de Schipvaerd op Oost-Indien Ghedaen by de acht Schepen in den jare 1598. van Amsterdam uyt-gezeylt, onder ‘t beleyd van den Admirael Jacob Cornelissoon van Neck, ende Vice-Admirael Wybrand van Warwijck..’, which was part of the monumental work by Isaac Commelin (1598-1676) on VOC voyages: ‘Begin ende voortgangh van de Vereenighde Nederlantsche Geoctroyeerde Oost-Indische Companie….’, published by Joannes Janssonius, Amsterdam, 1646. Jacob Corneliszoon van Neck (1564-1638) was a Dutch naval officer and explorer, who led the second Dutch expedition to Indonesia (1598-99). The purpose of the expedition was to bring back spices, and was a huge success. Van Neck returned to Indonesia once more, but on that journey lost three fingers during a battle with a Spanish-Portuguese fleet. This prompted him to retire from exploration and travel. He later became mayor of Amsterdam, alderman and member of two admiralty colleges. (Ref: *Tiele 81; *Landwehr, VOC, 250.)

Artists and Engravers: Casparus Commelin (1636-1693), publisher and bookseller in Amsterdam. Engraver/etcher unknown.

  • Date: 1646
  • Technic: Original etching/engraving on a verge type hand laid paper.
  • Overall size: 8,7 x 6,9 inch
  • Image size: 8,1 x 5,5 inch
  • Condition: Good given age. General age related toning and light staining. Please study scan carefully.
  • PartNumber: PCT-36451
  • Storage Location: (BG) C94-47