Antique Print of Batavia seen from from the sugar warehouses by Schwabe (1764)


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Antique print titled ‘Aussicht des Schlosses Batavia von der Seite des Zuckermagazins’. View of the city of Batavia seen from the sugar warehouses. This print originates from the 18th volume of ‘Allgemeine Historie der Reisen zu Wasser und zu Lande; by J. Schwabe. This series was published 1747-1774 in 21 volumes. It is essentially an enlarged German ed. based on and translated from ‘New general collection of voyages and travels […] (4 volumes, 1745–1747), by Thomas Astley and ‘Histoire Generale des voyages […] (20 volumes, 1746–1791), by Abbe Prevost.

Johann Joachim Schwabe (1714 -1784) was a German academic, poet and translator.

Condition: Very good, please study image carefully.
Overall size: 41 x 32.5 cm (including passe-partout)
Image size: 27 x 18 cm.

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3.500.000,00 IDR  incl.passepartout
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